Our Happy Customers

Elenta reinforces all types of learning programs, from virtual or classroom training, to one-on-one coaching and onboarding.

Nudge learners with content and quizzes that help them apply new skills during their daily work, either as individuals or as a team.

Track the ROI of your learning program with real time dashboards and quantify your value to executive sponsors or clients.

For Consultants and Coaches

Discover the secret to building and scaling a successful consultancy.

Elenta’s end to end platform leverages behavioural science and technology to increase your training impact and win more client engagements, without increasing your costs.

Save time and money by automating program admin and delight your clients with real time dashboards that demonstrate your impact and establish you as a trusted advisor.

“Elenta lets me offer clients a simple and practical way to ensure what is learned in the training environment translates into sustainable behavioural change."

Tania Horozides, Principal Consultant

For Internal teams

Quantify the impact of your L&D investment by tracking how your learners are changing behaviour and where your programs drive business outcomes.

Motivating your people to apply their new knowledge during their daily work and increase the impact of all your L&D and Change initiatives, from onboarding, coaching, culture and transformation projects, to classroom learning.

"Elenta helped us nurture and demonstrate the connection between learning investment, action taken, feedback received and consequent behaviour change. At a time when budgets are facing additional scrutiny, Elenta is a no-brainer to maximise learning experiences, assess their impact, encourage change and demonstrate ROI."

Will Blott. Head of People, NextGen