Maximise the business impact of organisational learning

Elenta is a cloud-based software solution that enables L&D consultants to motivate behaviour change, scale reach, track impact and demonstrate value.

Why Choose Elenta?


As the only Learning Reinforcement platform for L&D Consultants, Elenta augments facilitated learning with tools to better engage with learners before, during, and after learning events. Elenta will help you save time, win more work, demonstrate your impact, drive behaviour change, and track long term impact.

Save time

Easily build or customise existing programs and workshops. Elenta manages time consuming, yet critical, tasks such as organising participant communications, collating feedback and reporting. Focus on learning, not admin.

Win more work

Augment your programs with learning reinforcement to differentiate your services and win or retain more clients.

Demonstrate your impact

Show the effectiveness of your programs with customisable dashboards and reports tailored to each client. Stand out from your competitors by standing behind your results.

Drive behaviour change

Improve learning outcomes by adding self commitment and habit forming activities supported by personalised microlearning to your programs and workshops.

Track long term impact

Measure the organisational impact across the learning community for whatever time period you choose. Gauge how learners embed learning into their work lives to transform the organisation.

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