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Elenta lets you design and deliver post-workshop follow ups that engage learners with personalised content and questions.

Deliver your workshop, whether it’s in person, virtual or pre-recorded.

After the event, send learners a series of content and quizzes that can be released by time, or task based triggers.

Track individual and team performance with customisable dashboards and reports tailored to each client.

Extend the impact of your workshop

Reinforce your workshops by ensuring learners put their new knowledge into practice during their day to day work. 

Elenta lets you transform your one off training sessions into ongoing behaviour change programs that keep you engaged with learners and clients for longer.

Spend less time on admin and more on teaching

Elenta manages all the admin associated with running training programs from automatically tracking attendance and collecting feedback, to producing reports at an individual or team level.

Elenta enables you to automate personalised learning journeys for each of your participants, dramatically increasing your impact without taking up your time.

Put your programs to work, even when you’re not

Create new revenue streams by offering clients a tech enabled learning experience that combines the impact of your workshops with automated post program engagement to drive behaviour change at scale.

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