Embedding learning the flow of work with Bupa

Find out how Bupa used Elenta for their Frontline Leaders Program to increase comprehension by 67%

The Challenge

Bupa’s Frontline Leadership program is a high profile initiative to help customer-facing or frontline leaders build their leadership abilities.

Over nine months, 50 learners went through a series of learning interventions to build skills and capabilities. Recognising the importance of real work application, Bupa’s L&D team deployed embedding activities such as self-reflection and roleplay to bring the concepts to life, but lacked visibility on the learners’ progress between workshops.

The Solution

Donna Roth, Head of L&D at Bupa saw that Elenta could not only change behaviours, but track impact and save her team valuable time on program administration.

“Elenta was a really good opportunity to understand what our learners were doing between workshops and to see if they were putting their new skills into practice. We were able to manage it in such a way that wasn’t too admin heavy for my team and it meant we didn’t have to constantly remind learners via email.”

Using the flexibility and power of Elenta, Bupa was able to build far more impactful programs that personalised the experience for each learner, according to their level of competency and interests.

“It turned out that with Elenta, we were able to do much more than just replicate our old processes. We were able to connect people to concepts in a way we were never able to do before. The platform was open enough to let us try a lot of ideas about how behaviour can be changed and that resulted in a great learner experience.”

The Outcome

At the end of the program, learners using Elenta had greater comprehension and confidence in applying their knowledge.

“We’ve seen improvements in this cohort, such as richer conversations. This group seems more capable, particularly in the application of content we worked with Elenta on. Their leaders are also hearing these conversations happening so we know that learning is going beyond the program’s participants.”

Reflecting on Elenta, Donna said, “It’s definitely given us a step forward and we achieved the goal we set out to do – have better visibility over where they’re at, how they are thinking, and how they’ve changed due to the learning.”


  • Elenta increased the number of people who felt activities increased their comprehension by 67%
  • 80% of learners using Elenta said “The activities helped me better understand the workshop concepts” compared with 48% of learners in the control group
  • 28% more people felt they were able to apply the learning compared to the control group
  • Elenta led to a 92% increase in the number of people who put extra effort into learning more about a topic
  • 89% of learners on the Elenta trial said “using the Elenta platform helped me apply my knowledge after the workshop” or “Using the Elenta platform made it easier to manage the activities”.

Learner Testimonials

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