Introducing the Interactive Program Builder

Over the last few months, we’ve worked closely with consultants and instructional designers as they develop personalised learning journeys on Elenta for their clients.

We’ve seen that they start with a whiteboard (real or virtual), then draw a flowchart to map the sequence of nudges and the logic connecting them.

It might look like this:

Example of a learning program design created in a third party tool


Then, they would translate that diagram into a series of nudges on Elenta. This has worked well to date, but we know consultants are extremely busy with delivering work and winning new clients, so we thought about how we could save them time.

Introducing the Interactive Program Builder.

Our new Interactive Program Builder is a super simply drag and drop editor that lets consultants visually design programs and create nudges at the same time.

Users start by defining their audience (the types of people that will be engaged, for example, learners, managers or peers).  Then they build streams of nudges for each audience type by simply clicking and dragging modules.

The Interactive Program Builder

Using the Interactive Program Builder you can:

Build and manage your programs –
Review your entire program at a glance. Drag nudges to reorder them or easily connect them through triggers.

Preview nudges –
Click on a nudge in the Interactive Campaign Creator for a preview of how that nudge will appear for learners.

Engage multiple audiences –
Easily create multiple audiences (eg, manager, direct report or customer) and build streams of nudges for each. You can connect different audiences and send contextual nudges based on triggers.

We’ll be launching the Interactive Campaign Creator soon. Get in touch to be one of the first to trial it.

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