How do you ensure that your Learning and Development investment leads to behaviour change and business impact?

After all, it’s easy for your learners to get lost in day-to-day activities once they’re back at their desks. In fact, research shows that learners typically forget 73% of what they learnt after only two days.

But when they put that learning into practice, answer questions about it, and interact with others, they remember 69%. 

Conceptualising, recalling, and applying new knowledge creates “memory pathways” that stick.

It’s called embedding learning in the flow of work.

Drive behaviour change

Elenta reinforces the learning delivered during workshops and coaching sessions by engaging participants during their day-to-day work. Learners are encouraged to put new skills into practice through smart nudges that deliver the right knowledge at the moment it can be applied.

It’s through repeated and regular application that your team transforms new knowledge into business impact.

Build a learning culture

Reinforce your facilitator-led teaching with team and manager-led action. 

Elenta makes it easy for learners to engage with their colleagues and managers to drive peer accountability and broaden the impact of learning. 

Enable smaller groups of learners to collaborate, support each other and share knowledge in a safe environment.

Optimise your L&D investment

When you understand the impact of your learning initiatives, you can optimise your spend to maximise effectiveness.

Compare the performance of different facilitators or learning suppliers based on their measurable business impact. 

By increasing the impact of L&D programs today, you can prepare your workforce for the demands of tomorrow.

Demonstrate the impact of L&D

By tracking individual and team performance throughout learning programs and integrating with over 150 business systems such as Salesforce, you can measure the impact of behaviour change on business KPIs and measure ROI.

Get the data you need to prove the value of your work.


Elenta integrates with common business applications to trigger contextual learning, close the loop on training ROI and engage with learners using their preferred communication channels.

With our 3rd party integrations you can:

  1. Send nudges and collect feedback via Slack, Microsoft Teams or email.
  2. Support learning groups with dedicated Slack channels
  3. Assess the impact of sales training programs by connecting with Salesforce.
  4. Use a learner’s specific activity with your CRM of choice to trigger a learning event.
  5. Identify and prepare for upcoming opportunities to apply learning with our calendar integration.